Fashion blogger Flo Pereira!

Who´s that girl?

Flo Pereira is a 30-year old Argentine influencer who runs a fashion, travel, and beauty blog (Penny Lanewhich I totally recommend—it´s authentic and motivating to both read and look at! I had the privilege of interviewing her to throw some light on young entrepreneuring lifestyle and a couple of things fashion related. Flor is based in New York, so she offers a vibrant perspective about places to go, clothes to wear and TV shows to binge watch.

So, if you´re out there wondering if it´s worth opening that IG business account to fuel your real passion, do it! Flor shows us a great example of hard work towards remarkable success. 

Thank you again Flor! :)
  • Entrepreneuring means to you... 
Being an entrepreneur means working 24/7.
It’s your job, your business, your little baby (haha) so you wanna make sure everything is going great and running smoothly, and that more often than not means dedicating all your time (even your “free” time) to it.
But it also means loving what you do and sometimes having the freedom to set up your own schedule and way of working, which is kind of great!
  • What's your opinion of fashion as a way to express yourself? 
Exactly that!
Fashion is a way of showing who you are and how you are feeling every single day, when you choose what you wanna wear to face the world.
Fashion changes with our mood, our personal beliefs, our age, and many more factors. 
Some people deem it superficial but it actually tells you more about a person than you can see at plain sight. 
  • What was the most difficult aspect of starting your own business? 
I think the most difficult aspect of starting my own business was actually starting!
Taking the leap, believing in yourself, and what you do and what you are able to create is really tough, especially if you don’t have a lot of support from family and friends.
Once your mind is in the right place, you just need to be organized, since there is not going to be anyone around to tell you what to do or when or how. 

  • What do you think is and will be the impact of technology in human bonds? 
I think the impacting of technology in human bonds is entirely up to us: it can bring us together or draw us apart.
It’s technology what enables me to connect with people from all around the world every day, what helps me stay in touch with family and friends when I’m abroad, and what has helped my business grow and develop.
But, at the same time, I’ve seen people having a meal together or going out and staring at their phones all the time when their loved ones are right there next to them, and that’s really sad.
  • Tell us about your entrepreneuring style! 
My entrepreneuring style? Oh, I don’t know if I have one haha.
I just try to trust my guts, to work hard, and listen to my audiencia, they really help me out when I’m feeling uninspired or unsure about what content to create.